Welcome to the Hybrid website.  

The Hybrid line of boats includes the Prototype, Original Hybrid, Hybrid Square Nose (SN), Hybrid Next Level (NL), and Hybrid Double Ender (DE). 

Each boat design is the product of some serious tinkering and speculation by a long-time duck hunter and fisherman who likes the idea of small, portable boats.  Hybrid boats were created to be small, light, easy to build, easy to use, and cost effective.  At this date (January 2011), you can build a Hybrid for roughly $250-$300, depending on your local material prices.  Most Hybrids can be constructed with 2 sheets of plywood.

Please don't confuse a Hybrid with any other boat.  A Hybrid takes less than 20 hours to build (over a couple of days).  It has a flat bottom and a bit of flare to the sides which helps with the stability and shallow floating.   Many people are extremely surprised at the stability of the NL and DE Hybrid designs - the stability is more than what you would expect for such a small boat.

We use our personal boats for fishing, hunting, and floating various rivers (Calm Rivers).  You will be amazed at how well the 8 and 10 ft Hybrids will meet your needs without breaking the bank. 

You Tube links on the individual boat pages connect you with video's of the various Hybrids in action - to help you decide if they are the right design for you.

Newest Videos:

Hunting in the Hybrid NL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9OaHKz1wKE

Hybrid NL w/Pods & big motor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLpEONsSpOE


Hybrids have been built and used in the US, Canada, Europe, Turkey, the South Pacific, Finland, and Chile!